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DWD2 Protect™ Automotive Mold-Odor Enzyme Treatment

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$24.95 - $449.95
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DWD2 Protect™ Automotive Mold Odor Treatment: 

Looking for an effective and all-natural mold odor treatment for your vehicle? Protect Automotive Mold Odor solution by DWD2 is here to help! Our plant-based mold and mildew odor treatment formula contains powerful plant enzymes and natural ingredients that provide excellent results for your vehicle.

With options of a 4 oz. spray or a 4 oz. full-release fogger, our product is designed to provide long-lasting results! Use it in air vents, fresh air intake, cabin air filters, or as a full-release automotive mold bomb for complete coverage.

Our non-toxic formula is safe for everyday use around children and pets, making it an excellent long-term solution. Plus, it's made in the USA and free of synthetic ingredients and fragrances, ensuring a fresh, odor-free environment for your vehicle's interior.


  • Available in 4 oz. full-release Fogger
  • Available in 4 oz. Spray
  • The enzyme bundle includes both Spray and Fogger 

    Enzyme Fogger: Full Release Fogger